World Englishes

World Englishes is an international journal committed to theoretical research on methodological and empirical study of English in global, social, cultural and linguistic contexts.

Text & Talk (T&T)

Text & Talk is an internationally recognized forum for interdisciplinary research in language, discourse, and communication studies, focusing, among other things, on the situational and [...]

RELC Journal

RELC Journal is a fully peer-reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles on language education

Language Learning

Language Learning is a scientific journal dedicated to the understanding of language learning broadly defined.

Functions of Language 

Functions of Language is an international journal of linguistics which explores the functionalist perspective on the organisation and use of natural language.

ELT Journal

The ELT Journal links the everyday concerns of practitioners with insights gained from relevant academic disciplines such as applied linguistics, education, psychology, and sociology

English for Specific Purposes

English For Specific Purposes is for articles and research/discussion notes on topics relevant to the teaching and learning of discourse for specific communities: academic, occupational, or [...]

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