Dr. Lillian Wong (Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong)

Mr. Stephen Bolton (English Language Centre, City University of Hong Kong)
Ms Christy Chan (English Language Centre, City University of Hong Kong)
Ms Blanche Chu (Centre for Language in Education, The Education University of Hong Kong)
Mr. Adam Forrester (English Language Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Dr. Nigel Huckstep (Center for Language Education, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Source of funding:
The Hong Kong University Grants Committee (UGC)

This is a collaborative project among five English Language Centres in Hong Kong universities to develop a Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development Hub (HKCPD Hub) to strengthen English teaching efforts and improve student learning outcomes. The HKCPD Hub provides a framework for English teachers in the Hong Kong tertiary sector to engage in communities of practice and professional learning, to collaborate and share expertise. The HKCPD Hub organizes and encourages continuing professional development activities including seminars, forums, workshops, symposia and an international conference. Local scholars and international experts are invited to conduct workshops and lead seminars on innovation in English teaching and research. Colleagues from different English Language Centres also share best practices and research findings in English teaching and learning.

A HKCPD Hub dedicated website provides an online community to support English Language Centre colleagues’ continuing professional development needs and interests. The website showcases best practices and innovative projects as well as share resources. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in key areas of English language teaching and learning are formed to offer collaborative communities of practice for colleagues to share insights and best practices, exchange ideas and knowledge, solicit professional development support and work on projects together to explore innovation in English teaching and learning.

This project provides a systematic and supportive framework for continuing professional development that fosters active participation of English Language Centre colleagues across institutions in learning, discussion, sharing, collaboration and contribution for the advancement of English teaching and learning in Hong Kong universities.


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