Principal Investigator:
Dr. Lillian Wong (Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Peter Crosthwaite (Formerly of CAES until end of June 2017, presently at University of Queensland, Australia)
Dr. Lisa Cheung (Centre for Applied English Studies, the University of Hong Kong)

Source of funding:
Teaching Development Grants, The University of Hong Kong

The project aims at providing a systematic multidisciplinary thesis writing support resource for teachers and students in the Graduate School Introduction to Thesis Writing course (and other postgraduate writing courses) and faculty supervisors, comprising a database of theses with tasks for individual learner development and language enhancement throughout their years of study at the university. It will enhance the learning opportunities for postgraduate students and the quality of their theses as well as the support teachers and supervisors provided in the thesis writing process of postgraduate research. It will also broaden the curriculum of the thesis writing course to meet the increasing expectations and needs of postgraduate students for more diverse discipline-specific teaching/learning resources.

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