Ashley Hazell (Project Leader, Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong)

Lorena Leigh (Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong)
Janet Zhang (Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong)

Source of funding:
The Hong Kong University Grants Committee (UGC)

This proposal aims to expand self-access facilities and support for The University of Hong Kong (HKU) students outlined in a 2016 university document by recruiting a further two English Teaching Assistants to the three current assistants who can promote and support self-access activities in the CAES Advisory Zone, the Centre’s equivalent of a Self-Access / Independent Language Learning Centre. These additional two ETAs would help increase self-access provision for HKU students in a targeted manner by providing services that directly support the learning of students taking English Enhancement courses offered at CAES during years one to three at the HKU. The Self-Access Coordinator, along with CAES course Programme Coordinators would oversee the initiatives, which primarily include providing weekly English language workshops, discussions and advising that targets areas in the CUE and ED curricula that students may need further out-of-class help with or need to study independently on. An additional self-access provision with the employment of two additional ETAs would be to increase social English opportunities as this skill is not usually included in CAES academic and professional skills courses.


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